Connect with other alternative educators. This is a page for you to tell the world who you are, what you’re doing, and how to connect with you. Use it to find other people and organizations who are reinventing education.

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Alternative Education Resource Organization
Education Revolution: 
Newsletter of Educational Alternatives

Africa Voices Dialogue

LinkedIn Page:

The Alliance for Self-Directed Education

The Awen Project

Big Picture Learning

Digital Education Africa Network (DEAN)


The Genius School

Digital Promise

The Net Edu Project


Teach for Kenya

The Readiness Projects

The Regenerative Education Podcast

The Relationship Foundation

The Relationships Foundation

Rethinking Education

The Weaving Lab

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We are a global learning ecosystem of weavers who are advancing the practice and profession of weaving thriving learning ecosystems. We envision a world in which every neighborhood, network and organization is woven into a thriving learning ecosystem where everyone is living for universal wellbeing (of self, society and nature)