A network of networks for

Learners, Educators, Activists, Organizations, Associations and Networks

Problem – how to spread access to knowledge and know-how across planet Earth.

Solution – to come from you and to grow as you share what you have learned.

The purpose of this site is encourage individuals, organizations, and networks of organizations to work together to support learning for every person, everywhere. Together we can power a global movement to bring 21st century learning to all.

Lasting social change happens within small groups of people at the local level working in


on the street,

in schools and colleges,

on the playing field,

at places of work and worship,

in the halls of governance.

People talk about their hopes, their fears and what they and their children need to learn to survive and thrive in our rapidly changing world. They devise strategies for solving their problems and realizing their hopes for the future.

Open Portal Network can be a hub to help connect you. But you are the center of a working node. By sharing your work you enhance others and change the world. Please enjoy exploring the pages and posts already on this site. Use the links to discover communities of like-minded practitioners and share your work with them. AND, ADD YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS AS COMMENTS AND BLOGS ON THIS SITE.