• A Network of Networks
  • Connected, collaborating organizations
  • Overlapping Shared Values
  • Common Vision/Clear Purpose
  • Conation

(The following comments are only drafts or guesses about how network participants will define themselves. Please add comments to add to this definition process. Your point of view matters just as much as the next person’s.)

A Network of networks – Most organizations have a mission or purpose, a constituency of stakeholder individuals and organizations, and a way of operating. Each of these groups may work with other, similar groups to form a network. They may arrange themselves hierarchically with one group determining the terms and conditions for membership (e.g. a professional organization). Or the network may be egalitarian with each member organization maintaining its independent functions and styles. Open Portal Network is this second type of group, a mesh rather than a tree structure. Its purpose is to encourage communication across a wide variety of organizations that are working toward enlarging opportunities for children and adults, around the globe, to learn and enhance their lives. We do not espouse any one way to do this beyond the notion that the teacher-centered classroom is not the only route to learning. From Liza, 12 October, 2021

Connected organizations – Many groups working to improve educational opportunity do not know about each other and, therefore, cannot benefit from the ideas and experience of the others. Open Portal Network aims to encourage loose connections that lead to knowledge of like groups and potential mutual enhancement. From Liza, 1 November 2021


 Educators and educational systems will serve learners best when they are responsive to the needs that the learners presents. This takes a great deal of empathy, observation and communication. Thus the need for diversifying the educational ecosystem and pushing this variety in to the mainstream culture. From Justine, 2 December 2021

Overlapping Shared Values – While few organizations will have identical purposes or constituencies, many will discover that they hold some values in common. For example, one group may have been formed to support access to learning materials by school children with different ability challenges such as vision, hearing or mobility limitations. Another group may be similarly motivated by issues of inclusion but with a focus on unemployed adults. Overcoming the ability challenge by the individual and increasing inclusion by the relevant institution are shared values among both organizations. Open Portal Network participants connect through their shared values and appreciate the areas in which they differ.

Common Vision/Clear Purpose – As agents of change, Open Portal participants do find that the future they envision and work toward has many similarities. In general, we are working toward a world where those humans who are born are likely to survive to adulthood and have the opportunity to be healthy in mind and body, to experience civil peace in their neighborhoods, and can enjoy self-direction and high self-esteem throughout their lives. As our network grows specifics of the vision will emerge as clearly stated purposes with more accurate descriptions of both our commonalities and our differences.

Trustworthy Relationships

Research suggests that these factors contribute to building trust among public service agencies as they collaborate with one another.

Well-being – While concepts of individual well-being vary in the emphasis given to different elements, all look at the whole person in relationship to other humans and the world in which they live.

What are the Ideas and Concepts you use in your practice? Share them with your colleagues. Expand each others’ horizons. Please leave a comment below… Agree, disagree, add a new idea, reword something that is already here. Your opinion is what makes network connections.

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