Repeated or Annual Conferences

Listed here will be gatherings of more than 50 people that occur periodically. You may want to give a presentation about your idea or organization at one of these events or perhaps just attend. The links below should take you to the conference website where you can find all the details. While most large conferences are open to anyone, there is usually a registration fee, sometimes a large one. Unless specifically stated here, participants in Open Portal Network are not recommending or endorsing these conferences. The notices below are for information only.

Until further notice, please send meeting announcements to

November 2021

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We are delighted to invite you to our next @AfricaVoicesDialogue , hosted by Nigeria and South Africa. We will be discussing some of the novel and alternative educational processes that facilitate learning and teaching, specifically for the context of our continent.

Our hosts will be sharing their stories on their application of alternative teaching models, and how they have re-imagined traditional education methods to pave the way for new and exciting ways of experiential learning that aligns with the needs of the new generation, and of learners on the African continent.

We welcome you to join us and to invite other friends and colleagues who you feel might have an interest in participating in this discussion.

December 2021

January 2022

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