Open Portal Network is being launched in September, 2021. So far we have no plans beyond self-definition by participants. The project is hosted by LO*OP Center, Inc. a California nonprofit, educational corporation.

The founders have noticed that an increasing number of people, from international policy makers to parents to young school students, are dissatisfied with educational offerings for children and adults. This disaffection crosses national boundaries, socioeconomic and cultural differences, age groups and institutional objectives.

Let’s each make plans to respond to the global need to build better learning ecologies in the 21st century. Soon you’ll be able to post your plans here to share them, publicize them, invite critique and receive praise. If/when your plans congeal into a specific event you’ll be able to let the world know on the events page.

It is the founders’ intention to encourage a “cascade” (1), a wide-spread movement that results in lasting social change toward more meaningful and satisfying learning experiences for every person, everywhere.

(1) See the book, “Cascades: How o Create A Movement That Drives Transformation Change” by Gerg Satell