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Saturday, Nov. 13, 2-4 pm PST

Crazy Wisdom: Manish Jain on 20 years of unschooling and challenging monoculture

2336 Channing Way Apt A, Berkeley CA 94704 or online

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A Conversation with Manish, led by Mihai Banulescu: How do we organize and collaborate, with the goal of transforming education?

contact, if you would like to attend in person in Berkeley, CA, USA

Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook —– We have a rare opportunity to visit with Manish Jain on his last day in Berkeley. He will share a few words, then take questions. Manish is a leading voice for the ‘de-schooling’ of our lives and for the regeneration of diverse local knowledge systems. He is the co-founder and coordinator of Shikshantar: The Peoples’ Institute for Rethinking Education and Development, and the co-founder Swaraj University, Jail University, and the Learning Societies Unconference. He recently helped to launch the global Ecoversities Network. After a “sordid” past which involved Harvard, UNESCO and investment banking, Manish went back to India to live with and learn from his trickster grandmother. He brings fresh perspectives and practical solutions born out of 20+ years of building community, breaking rules, re-imagining education, challenging monoculture, telling stories and changing people’s lives.Please feel free to watch (or skim through) the following videos for more from Manish:Education and the Corporate Agenda (2012) Education (at Local Futures, 2019) to the MEET NC gathering (2021) event is free, but donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated.If you are unable to attend but would like to stay in touch, MEET (Meditation, Education, Ecology for Transformation) hosts weekly Zoom calls and occasional in-person gatherings: stands for One Room, One World Schoolhouses, an idea about to be born as an organization. Our vision is to build a close-knit community of self-directed schools, or learning centers.